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The Colors Of Summer

Robindira Unsworth Petaluma Clothing  

The temperatures have reached the high 90's the last few days in Northern California, and I couldn't be happier.   I've been craving the heat after such a long and wet Winter and Spring.  

One of the many reasons I look forward to the hot days of summer is the opportunity to add color to my usually neutral wardrobe. I'm always drawn to colorful prints with a Moroccan and Indian flair. 

Being part Indian myself (my mother was from Kashmir), and literally growing up in my mother's clothing design studio, I was surrounded by the most beautiful Indian fabrics in every color imaginable. I remember wrapping myself in pretty pastels and sauntering down the runway my mother had in the middle of her studio and pretending I was a princess on the way to a fancy ball... 

Robindira Unsworth Petaluma Clothing

My favorite look for summer is always something blousy and airy, maybe with delicate straps on the shoulders or half soft cotton or linen.


Robindira Unsworth Petaluma Clothing

Or a flowy, half sleeve dresses or blouse with Indian block printing. 

Robindira Unsworth petaluma

Or something pink...always a big hit with my 8 year old daughter India...

Robindira Unsworth Petaluma


Robindira Unsworth Petaluma, California




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